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Explore the best of Nuuk on this all-encompassing 4-day tour! By joining this tour, you will be sure to cover everything from Nuuk's city venue of gourmet, culture and history to the natural wonders of the Arctic, such as icebergs, waterfall, fjord sceneries and mountain landscapes. Nuuk is acknowledged to be the worlds smallest capital, but it is also a hidden gem of spectacular nature and interesting cultural/historical attractions. It is a blooming city, mixing traditional Inuit heritage with the modern western lifestyle, seen through cuisine, nature, fashion and city venues - a must-see. Let us see to all the details of planning your tours in Nuuk, while you focus on the attractions and beautiful surroundings. The tour includes accommodation for 3 nights, transfer and tours to the most interesting attractions of Nuuk and Nuuk Fjord. You will turn every stone of Nuuk city on an all-encompassing city-sightseeing and end it with Greenlandic tapas tasting, taste splendid cuisine while dining at a four-star restaurant in the middle of the wilderness, catch your own dinner, visit an abandoned fishing station and sail among icebergs in Nuuk Icefjord. You can also add optional experiences to your days in Nuuk, such as mountain hiking, attend the local celebration 'Kaffemik', and play golf in one of the worlds hardest environments. Click on the Itinerary tab to read more information about each day of the tour, and then reserve your place on this exploration of Nuuk by clicking on Book Now.

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