Heart of Greenland | The Capital Nuuk

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June - August
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Explore the best of Greenland's capital and its surrounding fjord on this 4-day partially guided summer package trip. Fly from Reykjavik Domestic Airport directly to Nuuk. From the window, you will be able to see how massive the mountains and land is compared to the size of the town. Here you will be spending the next three nights, with many different activities planned and of your own choice.

Even though Nuuk is a small capital far north, there are plenty of things to experience for every traveller. You can walk around town, observe the daily life and visit the different museums, to get to know the Greenlandic culture and history.

If you want to get out of town, go for a hike in the surrounding mountains or join a boat trip for the day. There are no roads going out of Nuuk, but in the summer the sea serves as a highway and you will see the locals sail in and out of town. When you have been on a boat tour into the fjord, it is no wonder why the locals enjoy this activity. The nature is amazing, fishing is a popular activity and humpback whales are not strangers to the fjord. Get out of town to experience all of this.

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Greenlandic Culture


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