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Escape the city of Ilulissat for one or several days with a visit to the small and historically important settlement of Ilimanaq - located just across the Icefjord.  The main occupations for its ~50 inhabitants are fishing and hunting, so is a very different experience to Ilulissat and a journey back to an earlier time.

While in Ilimanaq, you can take a tour of the settlement to learn a little about its history, hike through the Arctic tundra, enjoy the very Greenlandic tradition of a Kaffemik, or take an adventure ride on an all-terrain-vehicle to a nearby glacier.  All these tours can also be booked here on Guide to Greenland. You can also enjoy either lunch or dinner in the top-quality restaurant housed in a heritage building - just add this option in the booking process.

The Ilulissat-Ilimanaq shuttle takes around 45 minutes and is the only way to get to Ilimanaq independently.  It has several departures daily, so you can choose which one suits your timetable best.  If you plan to return the same day, select which shuttle you would like in the booking process.   If you would like to return on a different day, please book your shuttle via our Boat shuttle from Ilimanaq to Ilulissat tour.

Reserve your day trip from Ilulissat to Ilimanaq by selecting your preferred date and clicking on Book Now.


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