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June - September
2 hours
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Hop aboard our open vessel/boat for this 2-hour whale-watching excursion. You will sail out on Disko Bay to meet the gentle giants in their natural habitat.

On this whale-watching tour, you will be venturing into the world of magnificent sea creatures. The whales thrive in the cold water of the bay, and feast on the summer krill. Most commonly seen are humpback whales, minke whales and fin whales, but occasionally bowhead and blue whales come up to wave their fins.

You will be meeting your captain at the harbor next to the gas station for boats.  Once you are ready, we sail out on Disko Bay in the scenic surroundings of icebergs coming from Ilulissat Icefjord. From here, the tour takes us, to where the whales are. The captain is in close contact with a local fisherman about the whale's location, why we have great success finding the whales.

When we spot a whale or a larger herd, we come as close to the whales as safety allows and shut off the engine. Seeing the whales slide through the water, with the tails gliding up and down, is an impressive sight. If lucky, we can see the whales blow water through their blowhole and feel the small pebbles falling from the sky. As all-natural elements are out of our control, it is just nature doing its magic. Just pure natural beauty at its best!

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