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June - September
5 hours
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Imagine a huge wall of ice in front of you and suddenly you hear something, that most of all resemble an explosion. This scenery could actually be reality and you can experience it if you just come along on this tour to the magnificent Eqi glacier! And do not worry, there are no explosions, it is just huge blocks of ice falling off the moving glacier and turning into icebergs in different shapes and sizes.

With this tour, you will sail out of Ilulissat with a local skipper, that knows this area like his back pocket. Lean back and enjoy the wonderful landscape, icebergs slowly drifting by, and a lot of pure, arctic air. Remember to keep your eyes open at all times, as you never know when a whale will wave its fin at you - in the summer this area is not only enjoyed by tourists but also humpback whales.

You will sail to the north of Ilulissat and carry on 2-3 hours, depending on weather conditions. As you get closer to the glacier, more and more icebergs will fill the sea. All of a sudden you will see the spectacular sight of the wall of ice in front of you. Eqi glacier is one of the active glaciers, that is moving quite a lot, so you might be lucky to catch it calve. 

You will have a while in front of the glacier to enjoy the view and take some pictures before heading back to town. 

Eqi is a must see when you visit Ilulissat in summer. See the availability by pressing 'Book Now' above and do not hesitate to book your tour.


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