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Travel as you wish in the amazing Ilulissat area with a private boat tour. The possibilities are endless, just inform the captain of your wishes, and they will be fulfilled. There are plenty of possibilities for exciting new adventures in the area. You can charter the boat for any purpose, regarding the sea - whether you want to go fishing, sightseeing on the west side of the Disko Bay, or something completely different is up to you. Reserve your private tour for up to 6 people by selecting your preferred date and clicking Book Now.


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1 review for Pay by the Hour Private Charter | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

  1. Mr. Arf

    Ilulissat is spectacular. It was probably my best decision to travel to Greenland and take a 3h. The boat is super cute and comfortable. There were 2 persons who were driving the boat and both of them were nice. They offered us coffee. My wife felt cold and they gave her a blanket. The icebergs are mesmerizing. I thought we may get close to Disko Island because in the map it falls under 3h hours trip but the driver told us its far. We have not seen places like Saqqaq or Eqi which are also mentioned it the tour map of 3h. This is something that still makes me confused. We mostly explored the Disko bay area that is close to Ilulissat. I was able to fly my drone and I felt really happy. It would have been nice if we were able to get close to Disko Island. Midnight sun is amazing. We were lucky to spot a calving iceberg. If you want to explore iceberg with total freedom, I highly recommend Ilulissat water taxi, just make sure before trip, how many places are possible to visit.

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