Greenland’s hidden gem | 3 Days in Aasiaat | Disko Bay

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Make the most out of your time in Greenland by joining this multi-day tour to one of Greenland’s hidden gems, Aasiaat, Disko Bay. On this 3-day getaway to Aasiaat, you get to spend time in a small, Inuit town, that is in close connection with nature and the surrounding marine environment.  This tour is ideal for you who are visiting Ilulissat, Sisimiut, Kangerlussuaq or Nuuk, and wish to uncover as much of Greenland as possible.

An undiscovered corner of the world is what to be experienced on this 3-day getaway to Aasiaat. Located in the southeast of Disko Bay is Aasiaat. It is said the town is one of Greenland’s best-kept secret, as its immense and beautiful nature is a nature lover undiscovered paradise.

On this 3-day getaway, you will arrive in town to explore what Aasiaat has to offer. It is a place that almost has more sled dogs, than humans. It is a beautiful town, with colourful wooden houses scattered across the rocky Aasiaat Island.  You will also explore the surrounding archipelago to learn about the Inuit’s close relationship with the marine environment. Here you will be visiting a historical site of beached whale bones and spot for whales waving their fin to gasp for air.

Included in this multiday tour is two nights of accommodation in Hotel Seamen’s Home, breakfast, transfer and a guided tour. Hotel Seamen’s Home Aasiaat is more than a hotel. It is a sanctuary for both locals and foreigners. Leading by tradition the hotel unites locals and foreigners through the hotel's lunches, dinners and other activities. The profit from the hotel is used for welfare in the maritime environment and local community, here especially for children and young people. Therefore, when you book this tour, you help Hotel Seamen’s Home help others.

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