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Come along this invigorating guided hike along the enchanting and spell-binding Kangia Icefjord. On this tour, you will experience the very best of Ilulissat, from the Arctic fauna to mountain in all shapes and sizes to the peacefulness resting on the arctic tundra. This is an extended Sermermiut adventure, you will never forget. Enroute the guide will tell you and your fellow explorers about fauna, geology and the history of the area.  Enjoy the never-ending view of icebergs resting on the Disko Bay waters!

Your adventure starts at Kussangajaannguaq 7 and takes you out of town to the old quarry. From the quarry, we venture towards Seqinniarfik, the place where we welcome the sun. Every year on January 13th, the local inhabitants of Ilulissat gather at this place after the long polar night and welcomes the sun by singing. Seqinniarfik holds an outstanding view of the Icefjord, enjoy your lunch and the mesmerizing view of giant ice azures. 

Next destination of the day, takes you to Nakkaavik. Nakkaavik is near the Sermermiut settlement and is one of Ilulissat's most popular viewpoints. When the Inuit use to inhabit Sermermiut, the elders would sacrifice them self by jumping off the cliff into the icy Kangia Icefjord, for the better of the settlement. When you are done enjoying Nakkaavik's view, the tour continues toward Sermermiut. Sermermiut is an old Inuit settlement and has been inhabited for over 4000 years by different Inuit cultures. Here you will get to explore hidden Inuit graves and the remains of the last Inuits who lived there. We return to Ilulissat by the wooden path towards the old heliport. 

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Ilulissat Icefjord


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