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May - November
2 hours
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Total Fascination and the overwhelming feelings of the forces of nature is to be explored in this trip, among icebergs in Ilulissat Ice fjord.

Sailing is a nice and easy way to get to some of the top attractions close to Ilulissat city. You book the trip and we will pick you up on one of two spots at the harbor - just like a Yellow Cab.

Ilulissat is Greenlandic for "icebergs". On this trip you will get an unforgettable experience of icebergs in all shapes and sizes, that are pushed into the fjord. The ice fjord is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and the glacier moves about 30 meters each day. This process produces approximately 20 billion tons of ice every year, making it an incomparable natural area.

This cruise takes you to one of the most beautiful places in the area. The Mouth of the fjord, where the large icebergs make their start out on the great journey into the Atlantic Ocean. The largest icebergs can be around 1.5 cubic kilometers and rise like cathedrals towards the sky. This is a top attraction and a must see when visiting Ilulissat. When sailing there may be the opportunity to see whales and seals in the arctic waters.

There is only one thing to say - the natural phenomenon, that is to be experienced by you! Reserve your tour for up to 6 people by selecting your preferred date and clicking Book Now.


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Ilulissat Icefjord

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