Kulusuk Classic daytour | East Greenland

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June - September
8 hours
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Join on this unique day tour to the remote Greenlandic town, Kulusuk. Get a glimpse of a world that is far away from everything you know.

Your journey starts from Reykjavík Domestic Airport. From Reykjavík you will fly directly to Kulusuk. As you come closer to the coasts of Greenland you will see the beautiful landscape and a sea filled with icebergs in different sizes. Enjoy the view and before you know it, it is time to land.

Kulusuk is located on a small rocky island surrounded by rough, tall mountains and deep fjords. At the airport in Kulusuk you will be greeted by your guide for the day. The guide will hold a big sign, that you cannot miss.

Kulusuk is a town where around 300 people have their daily lives in colourful houses, surrounded by beautiful nature. With the guide you will walk through the town with its traditional green, red and yellow houses. On your guided walk you will visit the church, a private museum with artifacts from some of the first inhabitants in the area, the cemetery and if you are lucky you might get to experience a local perform a traditional Inuit drumdance. You will see how modern life and traditional lifestyle can be mixed, as many families in Kulusuk still are depending on hunting and fishing to sustain themselves. Take your time to explore the town, fresh air and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and mountains.

Come along and get a little, colourful glimpse of Greenland. See availability by clicking "Book Now" and book your tour today.


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