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Go on a fishing tour just near the capital of Greenland and return to Nuuk with your freshly caught fish to make your very own delicious fish'n'dish!

Nuuk lies at the tip of the Nuuk Fjord, which is also the world's second largest fjord system. Inside the fjord system there are 3 fjords and one of them leads to 2 glaciers which calve unique and magnificent icebergs both big and small, it is absolutely beautiful the way they decorate the landscape with their fun shapes - as nature itself has sculpted.

On this trip you will see a small part of the fjordsystem as you are going to Qooqqut - which is also just the best place to fish redfish, it’s so great that this place is known as the "Redfish Hole". Greenlanders - no matter if they’re young or old - love to fish! And we think you'll enjoy it as well once you try it.

Being in nature is a big part of the Greenlandic culture, and it involves sailing out to catch seals, picking berries and fishing, especially Redfish! These catches make up the traditional food that Greenlanders have been eating for hundreds of years. That’s why many of the locals have their own boats and, for example, have hunting as a main occupation or hunt a lot in their free time. Summer is the peak of sailing adventures and the locals gather with their family and friends to enjoy themselves in the wild with their fresh catch in the pot!

Grab some snacks and food for this 4-hour open boat trip (2.5 hour sailing and 1.5 hour fishing) and remember to wear warm clothes! Because it can quickly get cold when you're at sea - even if the sun is shining.

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