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Get up close and personal with the 60 metre tall face of the Russell Glacier on this excursion to the edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

We will travel 25km by 4WD from Kangerlussuaq to the glacier along the gravel “Ice Road” - part of the longest continuous road in Greenland. Our journey takes us through a wide valley sculpted by the retreating glacier, and we will be sure to keep a sharp eye out for the musk ox and reindeer herds that frequent the area.

We will stop several times along the way for photos and to talk about the region around Kangerlussuaq, the features you see, the history, and the animals. We will also visit and tell the story of an old war plane that crashed back in 1968. 

Once at the glacier, we will get as close as safety allows. Remember that glacier faces are notoriously unstable and unpredictable, so you should never walk all the way up to it.  Here, you will have plenty of time to explore the glacier face listening to the running water, the cracking ice and, if you are very, very lucky, seeing part of the glacier break off and tumble into the meltwater river at its base. 

Experience the impressive ice wall of the Russell Glacier from below by selecting your date of travel and clicking on Book Now.


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Russell Glacier

4 reviews for The Great Russell Glacier | Kangerlussuaq

  1. Pimp My Event Consulting

    Since we had a flight stop for about 5 hours in Kangerlussuaq, we decided to book the Russell Glacier Tour. We had some problem with our flight and the Guide to Greenland Team got to organize with! We did it on the 21th of February with the Guide Evald! The first contact with Greenland and the amazing Nature! Thank you, Evald for being a Great Guide and thanks to Guide to Greenland for accommodating our tour! Recommended!
    Laure & Gian-Luca, Italy

  2. Michele Cappabianca

    Russell glacier worth the 3 hours trip with wonderful landscape!
    Ivan was a great guide

  3. Kate

    I feel lucky to be one of the few who had visited The Great Russell Glacier by bus from Kangerlussuaq ( Sondre ) the main Airport and gateway in Greenland for international flights I believe. We got a lot of interesting facts from the guide, and fine photo stops, but the most memorable for me, was just standing there and hear the cracking from the glacier, realizing that the wall of ice in front of me, actually are extremely larger and higher than most NY Blocks. Where to? Please take me to the “Glacier Block” on 81’st…. Surreal.

  4. Gisli Eyland


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