Whale Safari in Nuuk | West Greenland

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Day Tour
May - September
3 hours
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If you are planning to visit Nuuk between May and September and have a desire to see the majestic humpback whales, this tour is without question a tour for you. This tour takes you out in the breathtaking landscape of the Nuuk Fjord with the aim of finding humpback whales. Of course, there is no guarantee of finding them since they are free to swim wherever it suits them. Nonetheless, this tour will no matter what be a great experience.  The Nuuk Fjord is a perfect place for humpback whales since it is 600 meters deep and rich in fish, and hunters are not allowed to hunt them in the fjord which is the only place in Greenland where our big friends can swim in peace.  They can mainly be seen from June to September since they spend the rest of the time in the Caribbean and other warmer sees where they breed during winter. It can grow up to 18 meters long and weigh up to 30 tons and you can easily identify them by its beautiful tail. And when you see them, they will sweep off your feet.  On the sailing tour, you can be out on the deck or be inside the warm cabin with the local captain and the guides and enjoy a good chat and drink tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. Select a departure and press Book Now to reserve your spot on the tour.


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