Whale Safari | Maniitsoq | West Greenland

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Day Tour
June - September
1.5 hours
Start town
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Witness the whales inhabiting the neighboring seas of Maniitsoq city, by joining this 2 hour whale safari! Maniitsoq is frequently visited by a group of humpback whales, and occasionally sperm whales and porpoises, so there are therefore good chances of spotting the gentle giants of the sea. You set out to sea with a local captain, and scout for whatever species of whale, that is now inhabiting the seas. The sailor will be scouting for life between the waves, while you enjoy the spectacular views of mountains and archipelagoes. Once he has found a whale for you to see, the captain will sail as close to the whale as safety allow and shut off the engine. The sight of a whale in its natural surroundings is a remarkable and beautiful experience, that you should not be without. Let nature put on its show of wonders, by reserving your place on this peaceful excursion by selecting your date of travel and clicking on Book Now.


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