City tour and hike to the flower valley | Tasiilaq | East Greenland

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Tasiilaq, Sermersooq Kommune, Greenland
4,5 hours
English, Danish
Jun. - Aug.

Join a city walk and Flower Valley hike to get the ultimate day tour with an experienced and knowledgeable guide who will answer all the question you might have. The cultural tour will start just across from the local Workshop Stunk, down the hill from the hotel. We will head into the workshop where we will be greeted by smiling and friendly locals who will astonish you with their handmade crafts, and will happily answer any questions you might have, and your guide will translate. Many locals in Tasiilaq do not speak English very well, but that does not mean they aren’t eager to tell you stories of all kinds and tell you all about Greenland. The East Coast is well known for its very talented local artists in the handicraft area.

The tour will continue downhill towards the small grocery store and post office, where we might be able to take a look inside, before heading to the museum.

The museum has many historical treasures and very interesting background, that you will be able to hear about. The many objects displayed in the building, are from the whole East Coast. The museum was build in 1903 and was the local church until the town grew larger and therefore too small for all the locals.

The walk will continue to the hospital and the church. When at the church we will be able to walk up to one of the canes situated just above the church grounds, a view overlooking the town and nearby area. You will hear about the famous men who were part of the founding of Tasiilaq.

Before we head into the Flower Valley, we will stop at the tourist office Skæven, which is also a souvenir shop. A cosy little house with a white picket fence out front, and beautifully decorated interior. The souvenir shop displays handicrafts from jewellery, household items to wall decorations all made by the gifted locals.

The Flower Valley is situated just behind the cemetery, and as we pass the graveyard where you will see the many white crosses neatly decorated with plastic flowers.

As we follow the path leading us further in the beautiful terrain surrounded by mountains, hilltops and lakes. Our destination will be the twin waterfall, a breathtaking sight and therapeutic sound. A place that will soothe and enchant any traveller coming across this outstanding place. Enjoy the quietness and paradise-like area, before heading back to town.

Join this beautiful historical and cultural walk, and tie your hiking boots. Check the booking availability by pressing 'Choose a date' above and book your trip!


Entrance to the museum


Greenlandic Culture
City Tour


Tasiilaq Church
Tasiilaq Museum
East Greenland

What to bring

Hiking boots
Mosquito repellent and net
Water bottle or a transportable cup

Good to know

It is always good to check the weather forecast for the day of the trip, to find the suitable clothing.

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