Sailing to Karale & Knud Rasmussen Glacier | Tasiilaq | East Greenland

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Join this 8-hour tour to explore two massive glaciers and an abandoned American military base. We’ll venture into the astonishing Arctic landscape, sailing among icebergs of incredible shapes and sizes, getting as close as we can to the Karale and Knud Rasmussen Glacier.

The tour starts with a visit to the old military base in the Ikateq area,  Bluie East Two. Bluie East two, is a former airbase from the 2nd World War. The US military used this airfield to refuel their planes and as a medical station for the wounded.  Today, the base is an open-air museum - you will be roaming around the abandoned facilities, fuel drums and vehicles. 

After a short tour around the wreckage, we will head on to Sermiligaaq Fjord. An enchanting area of jagged mountains and two glaciers colliding. Sermiliqaaq means “The Beautiful Glacier Fjord” and certainly lives up to its name.

The two glaciers Karale Glacier and Knud Rasmussen are both impressive and massive giants. A place where you with almost certainty will see one or both glaciers calve, an unimaginable sight, with sounds of thunder as the ice calves and hit the ocean.

Depending on the conditions of the ice, we will go ashore nearby the Knud Rasmussen Glacier and enjoy lunch.

If there is time for, it will be possible to hike around the area, before heading back to Tasiilaq.

To overlook the impressive glacier-walls of both the Karale and Knud Rasmussen glacier, select your date of travel and click Book Now.


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Knud Rasmussen Glacier


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