City tour and hike to the flower valley | Tasiilaq | East Greenland

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June - August
5 hours
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Join this fully-guided combined tour, showing the best of Tasiilaq town. We will visit the most interesting attractions in town, and stroll out of town for an introduction of the East Greenlandic nature, by visiting the local Flower Valley.

The tour includes visits to the local Workshop Stunk, where we will stop by and admire the locals creating beautiful handicrafts from animal bones and soapstone. Many locals in Tasiilaq do not speak English very well, but that does not mean they aren’t eager to tell you stories of all kinds and tell you all about Greenland. Down the road from Stunk, we will stop by the museum, that displays many historical artefacts and local handicrafts. Before heading into the East Greenlandic nature we will also pay a visit to the local supermarket, church and souvenir shop.

The second part of the combined tour takes us into nature. We will follow a small path leading us in the beautiful backdrop of Tasiilaq, that consist of mountains, hilltops and lakes. Our destination will be the twin waterfall, a breathtaking sight and therapeutic sound, that is situated among the many colourful flowers of the valley.

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