Tundra And Wildlife Tour | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

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Mitaarfiit Aqq - postbox 1009, Søndre Strømfjord, Grønland
1,5 hours
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Feb. - Nov.

Get to know the wildlife of Kangerlussuaq, on this fascinating 1 1/2 hour wildlife safari around Kangerlussuaq! You will be looking for the astonishing Musk oxen as well as the huge reindeers that roam the area!

Kangerlussuaq is well known for its vast numbers of large mammals since the weather here is quite stable and large areas of land are untouched by the Inland ice sheet. The endless miles of Arctic tundra and stable weather makes it the perfect place to find and see these animals in their natural habitat.

The muskoxen can weigh up to 400 kg, and have the wonderful Greenlandic name of Umimmak, meaning the 'long-bearded one'. The large bulls are a sight to see, especially with their families, but so are the reindeers. The muskoxen and reindeers are not the only animals in the area.  Polar foxes, Arctic hares and lots of birds such as eagles and falcons live here as well.

On this exciting tour, you will be driven in a 4DW vehicle with panoramic windows, driving through the incredible landscape of mountains and desert-like terrain. The guide on the tour will bring binoculars for better chances of spotting wildlife.

Of course, going on a tour to look for specific animals is never predictable, the drive will however still be a breathtaking ride. And who knows, you might even be so lucky to get quite close to a herd of musk oxen, in any case, you will leave with some very incredible impressions and photographs.

Find your inner-explorer and bring your binoculars for this exciting wildlife excursion. Press 'Choose a date' above to select your departure date!


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Sun glasses
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Good to know

It is not guaranteed that you will see any musk oxen, but we will do our best to make sure you have a great trip.

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