8-day Iceberg Horse Riding Tour | South Greenland

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June - August
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Experience the pristine Greenlandic wilderness on horseback on this 8-day multiday trip departing from Narsarsuaq, South Greenland.

By embarking on this ultimate riding adventure into the vast farmlands of Erik The Red’s Fjord you will immerse yourself in the solitude and beauty of the Greenlandic wilderness.

South Greenland is renowned for its landscapes of icebergs, snow-capped mountains, milky blue fjord, and lush tundra - a handful of the most pristine natural wonders of Greenland, that you will experience on horseback.

The journey includes 5 days of riding. Here you will be riding through the rugged farmlands on the back of a well-trained and sure-footed Icelandic horse, that can conquer some of the most difficult terrain.

While you ride in the pristine wilderness, you will also dive into the history of the area, as remains from Norse Viking and Inuit settlements are scattered throughout the spectacular fjord.

Days not spent riding, you will engage in activities such as sailing to the nearby Qooqqut Glacier, a showing of the Greenlandic national costume, storytelling about life in the Greenlandic countryside, and participating in a 1-hour guided tour of Norse-Viking ruin reconstructions.

All accommodation, meals, activities, and transport for the 8 days are included in the price.

To read more about the program press to see the daily itinerary above.

Share your love for horses and the great outdoors on this 8-day multiday trip in South Greenland! To book your horse riding experience, select your date of travel and click Book Now.


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