Boat tour among icebergs | Tasiilaq | East Greenland

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June - October
2 hours
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Join this thrilling quick adventure out among the ice floes and icebergs that come from the glaciers and some even all the way from the North Pole!

We’ll start from the harbour and venture out to the grand looking ice sculptures that are floating south with the stream.

The ice comes in all kinds of shapes, most of the ice from the North Pole will have a flat top, and if the captain deems it safe, he might get close enough to touch it, and for the daring spirits, to try and walk on it.

The area is home to a lot of wildlife, and if we get lucky we might spot the occasional seal or even a whale.

In June, the winter ice might still prevent us from entering the open ocean, where most of the big icebergs are.

Put on a beanie and some sunglasses and lets go explore the shades of blue and white ice in the beautiful landscapes of East Greenland! Just click on ‘choose a date’ and find a day that suits you!


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