Sailing to Tiniteqilaaq and the Sermilik Icefjord | Tasiilaq | East Greenland

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Hop aboard this 8-hour boat tour, taking yours through the East Greenlandic Icefjord, Sermilik to the beautiful village of Tiniteqilaaq. This tour is perfect for those seeking to explore Greenlandic culture and daily life in one of Greenland's small settlements.

Your tour starts by Tasiilaq Harbour, from where you will be heading north of Ammassalik Island.  You will be sailing through breathtaking landscapes of the countless iceberg and mountains.  After an hour or two of sailing, we will arrive at Tiniteqilaaq. Tiniteqilaaq means “The place that runs dry at low tide”, and is called Tinit by the locals.

From the small settlement, you can see Sermilik Icefjord -  a truly mesmerizing sight, with its icebergs and the Greenland ice sheet blending into the horizon. We will go on land to explore the settlement. Tinit is quite small and has approximately 110 inhabitants. You will quickly get an impression of the daily lives of Greenlandic families living in smaller communities on the coast. 

After a short settlement walk, we will return to the boat and continue our journey through the fjord. In the fjord, we will stop the boat to get a well-deserved lunch in the presence of icebergs and hopefully, humpback whales. 

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