Deep Sea Fishing | Private Charter | Qasigiannguit | Disko Bay

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Embark on this deep sea fishing adventure, in the rich waters of Disko Bay!

The waters around Qasigiannguit are filled with big and delicious fish species such as the Greenlandic Halibut, the Arctic Cod, the Atlantic Redfish, the giant Wolffish as well as Arctic Char.

Before you go, let the captain know what fish you would like to try and catch so he can take you to the best spots. They live in different areas and depths meaning you sometimes need different equipment. You will mostly be using traditional fishing handles, which is a simple but effective tool. You are also welcome to bring your own equipment.

The locals love to go fishing, and we're sure you'll enjoy yourself as well! To discover what the deep sea of Disko Bay has to offer, select your preferred date and click Book Now to reserve your boat charter.


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