Whale Safari | Private Charter | Qasigiannguit | Disko Bay

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June - September
3 hours
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Come aboard and embark on this unforgettable whale watching tour! This tour will take you south of Qasigiannguit into the waters of the Disko Bay, where you will see one of the wonders of the sea, the magnificent humpback whale!

The large sea creatures travel from the areas of Haiti and Puerto Rico to Disko Bay, where they reside in the summertime. The Disko Bay is ideal for the magnificent giants, due to its large numbers of krill and small fish. The gigantic Humpback whales can grow up to 18 meters long and weigh approximately 30 tons.

Experiencing the large sea creatures in their natural habitat is an outstanding and almost spiritual experience, from the sight of the humpback whales playing hide and seek between the waves to the sight of the majestic tail slowly diving into the water. Let the arctic winds play with your hair, as you scout for whales across the still waters of the Disko Bay!

Lie your curiosity with the Arctic sea creatures and bring your binoculars, for this adventure! Select your preferred date and click Book Now to reserve your place.


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