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Day Tour
5 hours
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Join this safari to Kangersuneq! Kangersuneq is the largest fjord near Qasigiannguit, and traveling through the fjord offers mountains on each side of the boat, as well as sailing among icebergs. It is a truly pleasant experience for the eyes!

These lands have wild musk oxen roaming around the fjord, and if you're lucky you might just spot a few! It is also possible to see several sea creatures such as whales and the spotted seal that Qasigiannguit is named from.

The tour will take you deep into the fjord among icebergs and calmer waters, a great place to take some amazing photos. The captain will stay on the lookout for any wildlife, as he tells grand tales about the area and the life the locals live.

Come along on this wonderful journey of fjord exploration, and reserve your boat charter adventure by clicking on Book Now.


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