Ice fishing with local fisherman at UNESCO heritage site | Ilulissat

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December - April
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Embark on an unforgettable 8-hour ice fishing tour in the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilulissat Icefjord. You will experience a day of local fisherman's life, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and ice fishing all in one tour!

Our journey begins with the preparation for the Arctic adventure by dressing up: To ensure you stay warm and comfortable throughout the adventure, we provide a selection of high-quality winter gear. For those in need of extra warmth, we offer:

  • Sorel boots in various sizes for sturdy, warm footing.
  • Kansas overalls and Napapijri anoraks available in different sizes to keep you snug.
  • Seal skin gloves for unmatched warmth and protection.
  • Snowmobile helmets, as safety is our top priority and a strict rule we follow.

The tour:

Journey to the Icefjord: The adventure kicks off with a thrilling 45-minute snowmobile ride covering 25 km from Ilulissat to the sea ice at Ilulissat Icefjord. Guests have the option to drive the snowmobiles themselves (two per snowmobile) with prior notice, adding an exciting personal touch to the trek.

From Motors to Paws: Upon reaching the fisherman's/hunter's cabin, we switch from snowmobiles to dog sleds, continuing the journey into the heart of the UNESCO site. This 30-minute dog sledding experience, powered by a team of 10-15 dogs, leads us to our ice fishing spot amidst stunning icebergs trapped in the ice.

Ice Fishing Experience: Spend 4-5 hours at the fishing spot, engaging in traditional Greenlandic ice fishing for Halibut using an 800-meter long line, supplemented by a 200-meter line with hooks. After hauling in the catch, participants will have the opportunity to reset the lines, immersing themselves in the local fishing culture and techniques.

Return Journey: The return trip includes another 30-minute dog sled ride back to the cabin, where we will take a moment to feed and care for the dogs before hopping back on the snowmobiles for the 45-minute ride to Ilulissat.

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Ilulissat Icefjord

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