Explore Greenlandic culture | Tasting menu, myths, and music | Nuuk

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June - September
1.5 hours
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Join this experience for all the senses. Listen, smell, taste, and see the essence of Greenlandic culture in this exciting event.

You are presented with a buffet of the best Greenlandic specialties and culinary delights. Although you may not dare to taste it all, it is an experience in itself to see and smell the various offerings, most of which are not everyday food, but only for festive occasions. This applies, for example, to chunks of roe, snow crab, and Greenlandic lamb.

At the same time, you will be entertained by storytelling and live music from Greenland, while you can also buy several different pieces of handmade souvenirs such as tupilaks and pearl work. The whole event gives a unique insight into Greenland's culture, and in an hour and a half you know more than any guidebook can tell since we all remember better what we ourselves have seen, heard, and tasted.

There is no factory-processed meat or fish. All that is presented are foods that have lived in the wild. Some of the helpers for the event are from an institution that helps the socially vulnerable. Through education and work, we wish to give them self-confidence and pride by conveying their country's culture, and thus a positive push towards self-sufficiency.

The entire event is managed and guided by professional chefs and experienced tourist operators, who ensure you get an overall good and authentic experience.

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Greenlandic Culture


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