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June - September
3 hours
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Enjoy Greenlandic nature and hike among the mountains with us! Our hiking adventure around Quassussuaq starts at the end of Uiffak. This is where our hike begins, navigating over loose stones and ascending towards Circus Lake - a stretch that the guests often find the most difficult. The hike then levels out for about 1 kilometer, leading us along a path beside Circus Lake to a picturesque waterfall, whose size varies with the rainfall but is usually most impressive in June. Hiking next to the waterfall involves a steep 50-meter path, where we will pause for our first fifteen-minute break. The trail then gently ascends for a short time and we will encounter areas of loose stones and rockslides along the way. As we descend towards the highest point, you will be spoiled with a breathtaking fjord vista, taking our second break to soak in the views about 1 kilometer before reaching the end. While we plan for two specific breaks, additional rests are taken as needed. The trip is medium difficulty as during the trip, you must go through, a small river, waterfall, rockslide, loose rocks, flat and steep terrain, moss, and possibly muddy terrain. We will walk about 7 km on this hiking tour. The hiking adventure wraps up at the prison, from where we will transport you back to the city center, marking the end of our tour. Get a spot on this hiking tour around Quassussuaq by clicking on 'Book now'.



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