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2 hours
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Explore the capital of Greenland from the seaside and its astonishing surrounding fjord system on this 2-hour fjord safari in a private open boat (6 passengers included)!

This journey begins with sailing out from the marina. You and your fellow explorers will get a great view overlooking the colorful city of Nuuk in front of you and behind you, the Northland to the west. The arctic winds will long to play with your hair, while your curiosity lies on the waters with the sea creatures inhabiting the surrounding seas of the capital.

Traveling north, you will meet the majestic mountain, Sermitsiaq. Nearing the mountain, you will hear a boisterous noise, that will enchant you to explore more. When arriving you will be met with pebbles of water in all directions. The melting snow overlays the mountain, and slides down the side, creating a stunning waterfall. It is a unique and rare sight of the eye! We will stop for a while to enjoy the view of the waterfall.

Further, explore the veins of the fjord that can take you to the untouched flat mountainsides of the northland or assist the captain sailing the seas!

Even for the trained eye, it is difficult to spot the arctic sea creatures, therefore the captain and his crew will be on the watch for whales, seals, and seabirds. The ocean will hide the humpback whale, and at first glance, you will only be able to see the back of it, but with patience, the whale will jump for air and drain you emotionally with its beauty.

Balm your soul with white and blue color nuanced icebergs, whales, and waterfalls, and allow yourself to get lost in the wild, with this Fjordsafari.

Find your inner explorer and bring your binoculars for this adventurous tour! Check the booking availability by pressing ''Book Now'' above.


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