Hike among the Mountains | Nuuk

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Day Tour
May - September
4.5 hours
Start town
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This hike takes you from the edge of Qinngorput, along the Cirkus lake, in between the mountains and back towards the city.

Your guide, will meet you at the end of the street ‘Uiffak’, from which you’ll start the hike.

The trail leads you along the beautiful Cirkus lake to a nice little waterfall pouring out fresh water that you can drink. It’s some of the cleanest water in the world, and it sure is delicious. Along the way the guide will share his knowledge of the surrounding area, such as the plantlife and wildlife you might encounter.

Almost all the way you’re surrounded by tall mountains, which truly gives a sense of the scale of things here in Greenland. It also offers some great views into the fjord of Greenland. At some point you’ll have a break where the guide serves tea and coffee.

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  1. Bill Rowe

    Adam is FANTASTIC! He extremely knowledgeable about Greenland. He is also a very entertaining, kind and thoughtful man. I would definitely recommend Adam as a guide

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