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Get face to face with one of Greenland's big mammals - the musk ox. Join on this ultimate wildlife experience and get close to musk oxen while kayaking on a big lake.

Camp Musk Ox Lake offers a true wilderness experience, you will be hiking, kayaking, and camping far away from the civilisation, in this place that can only be reached by foot.

During the two days of the camp we will be paddling and look out for opportunities to get close to the musk ox. The musk oxen often do not see the kayaker as a threat and we might get as close as 10 meters from the animals without them fleeing. A thrill of a lifetime!  

This area is the territory of the musk ox and people rarely visit. Here the wildlife has perfect conditions with dry South facing slopes, a windy highland plateau for hot days and wet fertile meadows in close vicinity.

In order to make the most of the trip we also go ashore from the lake, to hike to hilltops, so we truly can see the greatness of the country - from there you will be able to see the vast Ice Cap, mountains, valleys, rivers, and wildlife nearby the river delta.

We try our hardest to protect our beautiful environment, therefore we always eat as locally as possible. The meals of the trip will therefore in a great extent be based on locally hunted meat from musk ox, caribou, snow hare, and maybe fish - that we usually supply with whatever wild herbs or mushrooms we can harvest in nature.

 Pack your hiking boots and join on this wildlife adventure in Kangerlussuaq. Click on the Itinerary tab to read more information about each day of the tour, and then reserve your place by clicking on Book Now.


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