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Come along on this adventure, exploring the veins of Nuuk fjord and a remote settlement, far from civilization.

Sailing through the Qoornoq passage will lead to the remote fishing and hunting settlement, Kapisillit. A place where the forces of nature are dominating and the pace of modern society is nonexisting.

The settlement was founded in 1927, by two brothers. Due to its rich seas, the settlement grew to 61 inhabitants and has since endured prosperity and adversity. The settlement is a great escape from city life and an insight into how Greenland is outside the capital.

Through the Qoornoq passage, you will be met with icebergs floating from the Narsap Sermia glacier, in white and blue nuances. It is a surreal experience, moving between the icebergs, as the sea is packed with frozen blocks of water.

There are both culture and nature attractions to explore in Kapisillit.

If you are culture minded, looking to explore traditional and old methods of processing food, visit the old drying racks or get involved in the process! If you are looking to enjoy the mesmerizing Arctic landscapes, hike the surrounding mountain landscape or visit the only salmon spawning river in Greenland.

Tie your hiking boots and hop on board! Check the booking availability and reserve your adventure! 


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