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Curious to see Nuuk and the incredible Nuuk Fjord system from the air?  One of the most impressive ways to do so is to climb aboard a helicopter for a beautiful scenic flight above Greenland’s colourful capital.

Your experienced pilot will meet you at the airport and brief you and your fellow explorers on both safety protocols and the highlights you will see along the route.  The pilots know the landscape like the back of their hand, and the flight plan is designed to ensure you experience the full majesty of the area.

Take-off is usually towards the north-east as you head straight for Nuuk’s iconic landmark – Sermitsiaq.  Seeing this impressive mountain from all angles and being able to look further into the fjord to its neighbours, is an opportunity not to be missed!  

From there you will fly over the city of Nuuk, with its colourful houses contrasting strongly with either a white winter landscape or the grey rocks and greens of a Greenlandic summer.  Lastly, you will head towards the far end of Malene Bay where you will hover at eye-level with the peaks of the mountains: Ukkusissat (Store Malene) and Kingittorsuaq.

To experience Nuuk and its surroundings from the air is a magical experience.  Pack your camera and reserve your seat by clicking on ​Book Now.​


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