Northern Lights from a mountain top | Snowshoe tour in Nuuk

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February - April
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Experience the northern lights from a snowy mountain top near Nuuk!

Equipped with snowshoes and a headlamp we’ll hike up to the summit of the Quassussuaq mountain, which is about 430 meters high.

Up here we’ll be above the city lights, able to look down upon a beautiful grid, almost like a lit-up Christmas tree. And above us, a display of stars, moonlight, and hopefully northern lights!

Being far from the light pollution we can see it all clearer from up here, and we’ll make a bench in the show for us to enjoy the show and get away from the wind. We’ll turn the headlamps off and just watch the night sky whilst sipping on a cup of something nice and warm.

Away from the light pollution of the city, Winter’s Arctic light-show is at its most spectacular, so book your front-row seat by selecting your date of departure and clicking​ Book Now​.


Northern Lights


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  1. Lanette R.

    That was the best northern lights I saw in Greenland. That great adventure hike in the dark and when see lights dancing above us! Very nice an helpful guide.

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