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Want to travel the entire length of the Nuuk Icefjord to witness the incredible Narsap Sermia glacier spilling down off the massive Greenland Ice sheet? This tour is for you, who would like to experience the wonders of the Arctic from icebergs to massive glacier moraines.

By the colonial harbor in Nuuk, you will be welcome aboard our closed boat. Rug up and sit under the open sky or in the heated closed cabin, as your experienced captain sets a course that will take you past many of the impressive mountains that shape Nuuk Fjord.

Enjoy the spectacular scenery as you cruise past the icebergs that have broken off the glacier and are now making their way down towards Nuuk.  Some of them will make it the whole way and survive to see the city. Others will not.

If the ice conditions allow, you can be standing in front of the mighty Narsap Sermia glacier and marvel at its beautiful white and crystal blue face. Your captain will take you as close as possible while still keeping you safe, and you can sip on hot tea and coffee while you drink in the sight of one of Greenland’s many endangered glaciers.  

Pack your warmest clothes, your camera, and your binoculars, and reserve your place on this extensive boat tour up the Nuuk Fjord by selecting your preferred date and clicking Book Now.


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Nuuk Fjord

10 reviews for Nuuk Icefjord | Nuuk

  1. Eli Bore

    Hei, Vi hadde en fantastisk flott uke i Nuuk med fine turer i Nuuk’s flotte fjorder og fin tur til lille Malene.Været var helt topp. Det blir nok flere turer til Grønland. våres sjåføre var veldig hyggelige så de vil vi gjerne anbefale andre. Vennlig hilsen Eli og Grethe

  2. Inge-Lise Fich

    Tak for en dejlig tur ind til isbræen Narsap Sermia d. 16.04.23.

    Vejret var helt utroligt godt, og det var mandskabet også, en helt eminent flot tur.
    Vi sejlede langs med iskanten, hvor vi så et havørnepar stå på selve isen og lette derfra, et fantastisk syn.
    På vej tilbage kom vi forbi et stort fuglefjeld med masser liv og aktiviteter her i det lyse forår.
    Senere passerede vi bygden Qoornoq, hvor der var rig mulighed for at tage billeder. På turen så vi også det store vandfald på bagsiden af Sermitsiaq, på denne årstid dog frossent, og det gjorde det bestemt ikke mindre attraktivt.
    Turen foregik i et behageligt tempo, hvor man nåede at få sjælen med. Derudover var der mulighed for fotostop eller bare til at nyde den smukke natur, der flød forbi.

  3. Thomas Taylor (verified owner)

    If you only get a chance to book one boat ride while you’re in Nuuk, this is the one. You’ll see an abandoned village, a massive bird colony, a few waterfalls, and of course, the icebergs. The guides were super friendly and very willing to answer any questions. Overall, one of the best tours I’ve done!

  4. Khrystyna

    This was an incredible tour! The boats are very comfortable and the guides are fantastic. We saw so many ice bergs a spectacular waterfall and an abandoned village. On our tour we were picking up some campers so we got to go into camp and go on a little hike as well. The tour is long so the lighting changes throughout the day offer many awesome picture opportunities.

  5. Freweini Elias (verified owner)

    This trip was the highlight of my holiday in Nuuk. The baot was comfortably warm and well equipped. The guides were very kind professional and entertaining.

  6. Kellie Gonçalves (verified owner)

    This was one of the most spectacular trips I have ever done. We saw whales and beautiful icebergs, it was absolutely magical! Our guides were very kind informing us about the local and regional areas and provided us with hot tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

  7. Katie (verified owner)

    A “must-do” when in Nuuk! This was a fantastic trip. We were fortunate to take this tour on a crisp, sunny day. We saw whales, seals, birds, and some impressive icebergs and glaciers. The crew is friendly and hospitable.

    Bring your camera and some sunglasses (it can get bright near the glaciers)! The crew provides beverages and some snacks, and the interior of the boat is kept warm.

  8. Elizabeth Stanish (verified owner)

    Amazing trip made all the better by a touch of early fog making the burgs very ethereal. When the fog cleared wow …. We gad the pleasure of seeing a sea eagle, Humpback Whale the abandoned village, waterfalls …. Who knew you could age icebergs? Definitely take Polaroid sunglasses then you can see how large the Icebergs are below the surface of the crystal clear ocean! The crew were hospitable and knowledgeable And thanks for the drinks and snacks!

  9. Ian Goddard (verified owner)

    Amazing trip! Pack a camera and lots of memory cards!
    The crew were hospitable and knowledgeable and were very nice to chat to!

  10. Sabrina (verified owner)

    One of the best Things to do when in nuuk. Beautiful Landscape , really Nice Guides 🙂

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