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Explore the best of Nuuk Fjord, on this 2-hour fjord exploration! You will not only be discovering and exploring the impressive fjord system, but you will also be given an introduction to what the incredible Arctic nature has to offer.

Nuuk Fjord is not only famous for its impressive size, but also its endless fjord of attractions and magnificent landscapes. On this tour, you will get to experience the vast glacial meltwater waterfall of Sermitsiaq, wildlife and perhaps icebergs.

By the colonial harbour in Nuuk, not far from the city centre, you will be welcomed aboard, and seated in our closed cabin boat. Once you are ready, the captain sets the course toward's mount Sermitsiaq. 

En route, we will be passing the iconic mosquito valley. The valley is known for its colourful houses contrasting the surrounding mountain landscape - a charming sight. Before heading to the glacial waterfall, you have the chance to see the magnificent mountain, that is the hallmark of Greenland's capital, Nuuk.

As the glacier on top of the mountain and the leftover snow of winter melts, the beautiful waterfall of meltwater is created and tumbles down the side of the mountain. By the waterfall the captain will turn off the engine, so you can enjoy the sight and sound of the dramatic waterfall. 

Before returning to Nuuk, the captain will keep an eye out for wildlife and icebergs. By the bottom of Nuuk fjord system is a glacier branch of the Greenland Ice sheet, and therefore there are good chances of seeing icebergs, all year round. Furthermore, keep an eye out for all sorts of wildlife. Seals and auks can be seen all year round - but whales are something else. Every year the same humpback whales return to the fjord and spend the summer months feasting on krill. 

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