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With this 7-hour private glacier cruise, you will be experiencing the incredible Nuuk Icefjord! This private cruise takes you all the way through the worlds second-largest fjord system, Nuuk Fjord to the spectacular fjord of the Narsap Sermia.

Nuuk Fjord is famous for its incredible size and highlights of Arctic wonders. On this tour, you can experience icebergs, waterfalls, glaciers and wildlife of all sizes.

Your tour starts by the Colonial Harbour, where you will be welcome on board our closed cabin boat. Once you are ready, we will be venturing into the massive fjord. The route of the tour depends on the wind, weather and ice conditions. But it is safe to say, that you will experience the pristine nature-landscapes of Nuuk fjord. 

The spectacular scenery of ice is a must to see when visiting Nuuk. The countless icebergs of the fjord originate from the Narsap Sermia Glacier, and it is therefore not always possible to reach the glacier, due to the ice conditions. There is no guarantee that you will see the glacier, but we strive to take you and your co-travellers as close to the glacier, as safety allows. 

Arriving in the fjord of icebergs is an adventure unlike any other, you will be cruising among icebergs of all sizes and shapes. The blue and white nuanced chunks of ice, create a picturesque landscape, contrasting the surrounding mountains. 

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5 reviews for Private Glacier Cruise | Narsap Sermia Glacier | Nuuk

  1. Barbara Vang

    I had an truly amazing experience on this tour in the summer. The landscape and weather was absolutely amazing! We saw whales several times – even jumping whales, huge icebergs and fished. It was so much fun and the captain was so knowledgeable, telling a lot of stories from all of Greenland. Such a memorable and fun day!

  2. Iluuna Heilmann

    My fellow explorer and I had the best day we could imagine. We did the tour to Nuuk Icefjord, where we saw jumping whales. It is truly amazing to cruise through the icy waters. Once we arrived we enjoyed a nice glass of whiskey with ice from the Narsap Sermia Glacier. CEO Anders Lykke Laursen and his guide provided the day with smiles and laughter, creating the best atmosphere onboard 🙂

  3. Mehernosh (verified owner)

    We didn’t even reach the glacier. The boat captain said we were still 50 Kms away from the glacier, but couldn’t reach it because the boat had to navigate through closely packed ice. The boat captain was very cautious.. even tried to avoid brushing past the smallest of icebergs.
    We didnt have this problem in Ilulissat, where the boat captain took us to the Eqi calving glacier through thick ice.
    The trip in Nuuk was a bit disappointing.

  4. Mehernosh (verified owner)

    Although we couldn’t reach the glacier, the boat captain and his assistant made every effort to keep us safe and comfortable.
    Much appreciated and very thankful

  5. Marina Hansen

    Fantastisk tur med båd i fjorden, med nogle super guider, der også var gode til mindre børn👍👍👍

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