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The calving glacier Eqi & Paakitsoq tour is the same tour as "Eqi- Calving Glacier" but with two extra hours. The extra hours let you get a bigger chance of seeing the glacier calve. In this time we will also sail by the Paakitsoq area, where there are great chances of seeing whales.

How close to the glacier we get depends on the pack ice, but nonetheless it is a magnificent sight. On the way to the glacier, there will be chances to stop for pictures of icebergs of your liking. If you prefer a specific spot for the location of where you want to eat lunch, this is possible. Our main purpose is to make this a tour special for you.

The location of the glacier is 80 kilometres north of Ilulissat. Millions of tiny air bubbles with compressed air are cracking in huge explosions – forced in the fiord by the ever floating ice stream. Eqi is one of the few places where it is possible to experience a calving glacier at close range, as the conditions allows to get close to the glacier. Of course, at a safe distance where you can see and hear the spectacular scenario.

The journey begins with you heading north of town, up through the Ataa fjord surrounded by mesmerizing mountains, and at the last headland, you will get the first glimpse of the Eqi Glacier. It is difficult to understand that the glacier front is 4 km wide. But the closer you get to the glacier, the understanding of how vast and magnificent the Greenlandic nature really is improves. 

Many say that this trip to the Eqi glacier is one of their highlights from the trip to Greenland.

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  1. Sarah Knight

    We did this tour in 2018. It was an incredible experience watching the ice calve or fall from the glacier but also thought provoking because of the changing state of glaziers. See it before it melts

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