West Coast and Disko Bay Adventure | 8 Days

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September - October
8 days
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These 8 days in three towns and on the coastal ship Sarfak Ittuk is something you will never forget! You can experience the highlights mentioned below:

    • Walk ON the Inland Ice Cap
    • See the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ilulissat Ice Fjord with its magnificent icebergs up close
    • Go in search of Arctic wildlife by boat and on foot 
    • Experience the capital Nuuk 
    • Sail along the dramatic coastline
    • Cruise among gigantic icebergs
    • Everything is wrapped in stunning Arctic autumn colors

Pretty cool, right?

This journey to Greenland gives you the unique combination of traveling by both domestic flight and coastal vessel along the west coast of Greenland as well as experiencing the most popular locations and towns in Greenland.

All in the company of knowledgeable tour guides who will make sure you get the best trip. The season for this vacation is characterized by peace after a brief and hectic summer. Autumn also showcases a multitude of sides to Arctic nature; from beautiful sunny days, draping the mountains in shades of yellow-brown with an intensity that often surpasses the midnight sun of summer, to dramatic autumn storms, appealing with their harsh beauty but also requiring proper clothing.

As you travel further south, the nights become darker, and you might be fortunate enough to experience northern lights! Also, the night sky is crammed with stars because Greenland is far less affected by light pollution than Europe, Asia, or North America.

This journey is designed to allow you to explore Greenland by yourself, but with the added benefit of tour guides who will accompany you all the way!

You will spend a lot of time on the boat, Sarfaq Ittuk. A ship build in 1992 and was modernized and extended in 2000. The ship has a crew of 22 people and has a café, a lounge with panoramic windows, a playroom, and a hospital clinic. There can be a total of 274 passengers. The cabins are designed for 1-4 persons and contain a table, chair, wardrobe, and 220-volt sockets. Lastly, and the best part, every cabin has a sea view!

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