Dogsledding - 2 hours | Uummannaq | North Greenland

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February - April
2 hours
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Experience the thrill of sledding through the sea ice with the help of a pack of enthusiastic Greenlandic dogs.

Dogsledding used to be an essential ingredient to life itself in Greenland, now, modern machines have gained traction and the number of hunters and fishermen using dogs is slowly dropping. However, having sleddogs is finding new life in leisure and tourism, leaving us with a positive outlook on the future. For 2 hours you will be journeying with a local fisherman, who will show you the majestic landscape, possibly even circling around larger icebergs, that stand out as vertical blocks of ice on the otherwise even sea ice. The musher will tell you about his favorite fishing spots and teach you what the sled and the dogs are capable of. It's an astonishing and immersive experience into the very foundations of Greenlandic culture and nature.

Anywhere you look will have breathtaking views and the fresh breeze will make you feel more alive than ever. This is what truly qualifies as an unforgettable Arctic experience, that you'll leave with some incredible photos.

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Dog Sledding


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Adult (12 years+)
Children (0 – 11 years)