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Join this tour that shows you the diverse highlights of South Greenland!  Fiords full of ice, steep mountain sides and waterfalls, glaciers, green hills, settlement sites from the time of Vikings, and the lively sheep farms of today.


Departing Qaqortoq with its colourful houses clustered on hillsides, we fly above the panoramic Sermilik Ice Fiord.  Waterfalls tumbling down walls of 5000-feet flank one side of the fiord, with rows of glaciers on the other side.  We make a landing beside a wall of ice 2 miles wide.  Here at Jack’s Point, listen to the rumbling sounds of the glacier as it moves to release icebergs into the sea.   This is a place where you can come only be helicopter, as the fiord full of ice is not navigable by boat.


We continue our flight through green valleys, to land at the village of Qassiarsuk.  This is where the famous Viking, Erik the Red settled as the first European more than 1000 years ago, and named the land Greenland.  A reconstruction of the first Christian church in the Americas, a replica of a Norse longhouse, and various ruins of buildings from the Norse era can be seen in this area.  Today, the village is populated by Inuit farmers.  Enjoy the flowers among the lush green, and horses passing by.


This area, including our next stop, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, representing the earliest introduction of farming to the Arctic, and the Norse expansion of settlement beyond Europe.  The lush farming landscape at the edge of the ice sheet has been developed by both Norse and Inuit populations over the centuries.


We fly on over the next fiord and the beautiful settlement of Igaliku, to land at our last stop Hvalsey Church ruins, a large and very well preserved Norse site. Vikings thrived in Greenland for 500 years, and then mysteriously disappeared.  It is known that they not only farmed and kept livestock, but also adapted to Arctic conditions quite well too.  However the reason they disappeared is still debated.


This helicopter tour with stops at a glacier, farmland and historical ruins, will show you all the highlights of South Greenland.  Marvel at the landscape carved by ice from millions of years ago, and let your thoughts wander on life in the fiords.  Seeing Greenland from above is an exceptional experience. 


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