Hike and Kayaking | South Greenland

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8 days
Jun. - Sep.

Want to be active whilst exploring the world's biggest Island?

This 8 day tour will take you to amazing spots in the southern Greenland. On this tour you'll be hiking and kayaking through some of the most amazing landscapes. You'll climb to catch the stunning views from the landside. And from the seaside, you'll be paddling through the Icebergs. You'll be followed by a guide so we can assure that you'll be safe and sound during the whole tour.

Not only will you be doing the above things, you'll also see and learn more of the cultural parts of southern Greenland. For instance you'll be seeing some Viking ruin units which the guide, of course, will tell you much more about. You might see seals, birds and the greenlandic wildlife during the tour. You'll for sure see Icebergs and glaciers which, for me, was pointed out on my bucket list before visiting the world's biggest Island. You'll be sleeping in a tent - and on the right day - also under the northern lights. 

Do I need to say more? Go on this tour if you wanna go to Greenland - go on this tour if you wanna see the real Greenland.  Check the booking availability by pressing ‘’choose a date’’ above.


Return flights between Reykjavik Domestic Airport-Narsarsuaq (excl. taxes)
Or return flights between Copenhagen-Narsarsuaq (excl. taxes) if you book the supplement for Copenhagen departure
English speaking expedition guide
Transfers in Greenland according to daily itinerary (between Narsaq and Narsarsuaq)
Full board (all meals during tour, except lunch on flight days)
Accommodation according to itinerary (tent and hostel)
Kayak and equipment rental
Camping equipment
RIB boat travel equipment
Excursion to Qooroq Ice Fjord
Excursion to Brattahlid Norse Ruins
Greenlandic Dinner


Kayaking & SUP
Glacier Views
Iceberg Views
Boat Tour
Settlement Visit


Norse Ruins
Flower Valley
UNESCO World Heritage | Greenland
Ice Sheet
Sermilik Fjord
Qooroq Icefjord

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Hike and Kayaking | South Greenland - day 1

First stop: Qassiarsuk

Your adventurous holiday has begone. It starts off with a flight from either Keflavik (Icelands International Airport) or Copenhagen Airport. You'll fly to Narsarsuaq (south Greenland airport). You will meet your guide right after arriving in Narsarsuaq. We promise you an English speaking guide whose main interest is this beautiful country: Greenland.

By a zodiac boat we'll take you across the Eriksfjord to Qassiarsuk. To a town with 42 citizens. In Qassiarsuk you can do what you prefer. You might prefer having a relaxing afternoon after your travels, or you might wanna attend on a guided tour around the viking ruins of Brattahlid, learning the history of the arrival of Eric the Red from Iceland at this small settlement in year 985.

Dinner and overnight stay at the Leif Eriksson Hostel.

Day 2
Hike and Kayaking | South Greenland - day 2

Glaciers, Icebergs and hiking

Rise and shine for your first day in Greenland. The first day where your adventure will start off. We will leave the hostel to cross the southern part of Greenland. We will take you cross the Eriksfjord to the Flower Valley. The Flower Valley is known for its amazing nature. Known for its green hills, massive mountains and pure valley. If you think I'm overestimating go watch the videos on youtube. Words cannot describe!

We will take you to see glaciers and to Greenland's Ice Sheet. And you will be climbing and hiking to reach your place for the night. You will be walking in the middle of nowhere - yet in the middle of everything: the pure nature.

For the night you'll be sleeping in tents.

Day 3
Hike and Kayaking | South Greenland - day 3

Ice Break sighting

The word of the day: hiking.

Today we will be hiking our way even further through Greenland's southern part. Your tour guide will take you to one of the biggest glaciers. Good to know: a glacier is fallen snow that compresses into ice masses. So to go seeing one of the biggest glaciers in all of Greenland - is quite a big thing. Everyday over 200 thousands tons of ice is streaming down into the sea. Have you always dreamed about seeing snow and ice as wide as the eye can wander? The 3rd day of your adventure will be just for you.

Overnight we'll be sleeping in tents nearby the above mentioned glaciers.

Day 4
Hike and Kayaking | South Greenland - day 4

Inland Ice view and Qooroq Ice Fjord

Let's go to the highest peak in South Greenland - today. Have your camera ready to always remember the views from this place; the highest peak. See if you can spot some humpback whales, polar bears or glaciers falling into the water. What you definitely will be spotting is icebergs, glaciers, fjords; nature.

After enjoying the incredible views at the highest peak we will, in the afternoon, find our way back to Narsarsuaq. We will leave by a zodiac boat and yet again cross the Eriksfjord.

When arriving in Narsarsuaq we will get you settled at the Leif Eriksson Hostel where you will be sleeping overnight. You can look forward to dinnertime where the hostel will serve up with traditional greenlandic dishes.

The day is not over just yet. Before the traditional dinner, we will take you off the land ground again. This time to go to Qooroq ice Fjord. Google this, and I won't need to say more. We'll go Iceberg spotting to hopefully see all different types of icebergs in all the different colors (white, green, turkey). The only thing you will be seeing is the Fjord, Ice, snow and icebergs. The only thing you will be hearing is ice falling of an Iceberg into the Fjord.

From early morning until night, the keyword of the day must be: explore the real Greenland.

Day 5
Hike and Kayaking | South Greenland - day 5

Tasiusaq - the Bay of the Icebergs

After a good nights sleep and some fuel we are ready for yet another great day on this great Island.

Put on your hiking boots, because we will start our day off in an active way heading towards the pure nature. We will be trekking and hiking to a Fjord always full of icebergs. After a short trek we'll leave the land ground. You'll select some waterproof clothing and get instruction in how to be kayaking in the water safely. We wanna make sure that you're safe and secure, so you will be thoroughly instructed in the basics of security before making your first tour out on the deep blue water.

After our first day of kayaking we will trek our way back to the Tasiusaq Hostel where we will stay overnight.

Day 6
Hike and Kayaking | South Greenland - day 6

Kayak exploration

Our first (real) day of kayaking. Imagine yourself paddling through ice and among giant icebergs. It will be you, your group, guide and nobody else in the middle of the bay. The only noise there will be, is the noise the nature creates by itself; moving icebergs, ice falling off an Iceberg and your kayak sliding through the water.

You may think: is this a bit risky? This tour has been completed a thousands times and you are always instructed and followed by a guide. Your safety comes first, always.

We will paddle our way towards our lunch stop which either will be on a small Island or on the coast.

So what is better than kayaking in the nature? Having the time to do so. We are in absolutely no rush. Our only goal is to paddle approximately 10 kms to our main destination. Here we will set up a camp on an isthmus and we this is where we will stay overnight in tents.

Day 7
Hike and Kayaking | South Greenland - day 7

Kangerlua or Eqalorutsit

The weather will decide what today will bring. We'll either try to pass through the ice to a beautiful nature area which is constantly blocked by ice. The area is called Nuup Kangerlua and is the biggest Fjord in all of Greenland. If we are feeling good and not sore from yesterdays hike, we can also go kayaking to explore the western part of Greenland by paddling among ice and Icebergs.

We'll stay for the night at the Tasiusaq Hostel.

Day 8
Hike and Kayaking | South Greenland - day 8

Returning home

On the last day of this adventure things will slowly ease on. You'll be hiking back to Qassiarsuk in the morning to get a quick shower before heading across the Eriksfjord to Narsarsuaq airport. While waiting in Narsarsuaq we highly recommend you to visit the Museum of the Bluie West One American Base - untouched since the Second World War.

A flight will take you from Narsarsuaq back to either Keflavik airport or Copenhagen Airport.

When sitting, waiting for your flight back home, we really, truly hope and believe that you can say: that was worth every little penny.

What to bring

Good, practical clothes for outdoor activities. Bring layers, so you can regulate according to the temperature
Good boots for hiking
Wind- and waterproof outer wear
Sunglasses and sunscreen lotion
Prescription medicine if necessary
Mosquito repellent

Good to know


This is a fairly active trip for which some level of physical fitness is necessary, or have the habit of hiking in the countryside. As for the kayak, as we will be sailing in an area of calm water and due to the stability of our double kayaks, previous experience in kayaking is not required (although is recommended).

The tour will only be confirmed if there are between 6 and 12 participants. Trips to Greenland are always subject to weather conditions.

Delays and flight cancellations can happen. Therefore we strongly recommend you to buy a travel insurance in the country of residence that would cover any additional travel expenses, should your flights be delayed or canceled due to weather.

In Greenland the currency used is Danish Kroner (DKK), foreign currency is not widely accepted. It is recommended to bring Danish Kroner. Using credit and debit card, a PIN-code is required.

From mid-August, there are chances of seeing northern lights.

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