The Island of hope & The Abandoned Village Kangeq | Nuuk

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Tupilak travel, Kuussuaq, Nuuk, Grønland
4 hours
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May. - Oct.

Come and explore the very first European settlement in Greenland, established in 1700. It was on The Island of Hope where the Danish colony's seeds first were planted! On this tour, you will also have the extraordinary chance to explore the abandoned village, Kangeq, located near The Island of Hope. This tour is for you, who would like to walk in the footsteps of the ancient Inuit and uncover Greenland's colonial history!

Greenlands colonial period started in 1721 when the priest Hans Egede first arrived in  Greenland with the mission of finding the Norsemen. Instead, Egede found an Inuit tribe, that rowed in kayaks and lived in peathuts. Egede immediately started his missionary work on the Inuits and established a colony on The Island of Hope with his wife and children. You’ll be impressed when you see the ruins of his first residence! After living on the island for 7 years, the Egede family moved to the place that we now know as the capital of Greenland. After almost 300 years you can still see the house of Hans Egede in the oldest part of Nuuk, by the colonial harbour.

There are countless abandoned settlements on the Greenlandic coast, and the Greenlanders still visits the abandoned villages, to take a little break from everyday life. Near Nuuk, you’ll find Kangeq, also known as the ghost village. The settlement was inhabited for hundreds of years until the 1960s, where the former inhabitants were forced to leave Kangeq. Today you will be able to experience Kangeqs incredible silence and historic traces dating back several generations. The well-known hunter and artist, Aron from Kangeq (1822-69), who made illustrations of Greenlandic legends and myths, created his first works in the abandoned settlement. The Inuits were the first to inhabit Kangeq, and you will be able to explore and admire ancient Inuit ruins and traces.

Book your tour today and experience the historic Island of Hope and Kangeq, and feel how the memories shine through the village. Check out the availability for the tour by pressing "Choose a date" above and book today.


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