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Sermermiut Settlement Walk | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
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Hike among the Mountains | Nuuk
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Kapisillit Settlement Visit | Nuuk
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Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq

Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq
Couple resting after hike with a view of Greenland Ice cap|Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq|Guide to Greenland
Male Musk ox fighting|Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq|Guide to Greenland
Hiker taking a picture of Musk ox|Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq|Guide to Greenland
Hikers walking on the icecap|Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq|Guide to Greenland
Two hikers|Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq|Guide to Greenland
Hikers|Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq|Guide to Greenland

Come along on a hike deep into the arctic wilderness, to a place far from civilization, only surrounded by the vast beautiful landscape. You will experience the diversity of the Greenlandic nature, as you hike through the flat plains in the lowland to mountain tops. You will follow rivers of glacial meltwater, camp by a lake full of icebergs, and even set your feet on the mighty Ice Cap. 

All this you find far away from everyday life, in a landscape that is home to great wildlife. You will have good chances of spotting the musk oxen that roam free. Arctic wildlife is abundant in this area, such as caribou, arctic hare, polar fox, ptarmigan and eagles. Listen to the calls of ravens and hear the rumbles and thunder of the glacier. Experience the rich historical legacy, as we pass graves and ruins from summer settlements with untold stories of ancient Inuit who have made their living from this land.

This is the ultimate trip to explore the Arctic landscape. Along with an experienced guide and maximum 7 other participants you will spend 10 days in the wilderness - hiking, camping, and visiting some unique places that can only be reached by foot. Read the full daily itinerary beneath.

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Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: July
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Activities: Glacier Hiking, Hiking, Glacier Views, Camping, Wildlife Observation
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Minimum age: 16 years.
  • Languages: English, Danish
  • Attractions: Kangerlussuaq, Ice Sheet
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 12:00.

Kangerlussuaq Airport

Your guide will welcome you at Kangerlussuaq airport

  • Local English and Danish speaking guide

  • One night in hostel

  • All meals: from lunch on day 1 to breakfast on day 10

  • Tent

  • Cooking equipment

  • Plates and cutlery

  • Satellite phone, brought by the guide

  • Hiking backpack

  • Sleeping pad (can be rented)

  • Sleeping bag (can be rented)

  • Airplane tickets to and from Kangerlussuaq

What to bring:
  • Good hiking boots

  • Clothes for hiking. Layers are recommended, so you can adjust according to the weather

  • Wind and waterproof outer layer (jacket and trousers)

  • Hiking backpack

  • Toiletries, including toothpaste, soap, sunscreen lotion, and towel

  • Mosquito net

  • Two ½ liter bottles

  • Personal prescription medicine if needed

Good to know:

This is a hiking tour, where you will have to be able to carry your personal belongings and a share of the shared equipment during the 10 days.

Hopefully, the weather will be good for the hike, but it can not be guaranteed, so you have to be ready for both sun, rain, wind and warm and cold temperatures.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - Lake Tasersuatsiaq

Group of the hikers |Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq |Guide to Greenland

Today your new adventure starts. You will meet your guide and fellow explorers at Kangerlussuaq Airport.

The guide will bring all the equipment for the trip to the airport. Here you will divide all the shared equipment - tents, camping gear and food - between you. When everyone is all packed and ready to go, there will be a transfer by car to the and of a dirt road out of town.

On this first day, there will only be a short hike - just to get everyone going and get a taste of what lies ahead. The hike will go to the beautiful Tasersuatsiaq (Ferguson) Lake and be around 3.5 km. long. By the lake, the camp will be set up for the night.

Remember always to keep an eye out for musk oxen, as there are great chances of spotting these big creatures in this area.

Day 2 - Musk Ox Spotting

Taking picture of Musk ox |Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq |Guide to Greenland

Wake up in the tent to a new beautiful day in the middle of Greenland's vast nature! Ahead lies miles and miles of untouched landscape, in which you are a guest.

You will have breakfast, pack the camp and hike towards southeast, where you will find more beautiful lakes. At this point you have already come well into the wilderness, to an area where the musk ox roam free - keep an eye out and you will for sure see them at some point during the hike. If you are lucky you might also spot other wildlife as reindeer, arctic hare and arctic fox.

Today's hiking distance is around 11km. and goes up all together 380 vertical meters.

Day 3 - View of the Ice Cap from the highland

Hikers taking a break |Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq |Guide to Greenland

Todays terrain is more hilly than the previous days. We will hike into the Ammalortup Nunaa highland and descent to Lake Ammalortoq. On the route you will start to see not only the beautiful mountains, valleys and lakes, but also the great Ice Cap, which covers most of Greenland's surface. The landscape also has memories from vanished ages, as we will pass three graves, which according to history, had to be placed with good views to the lakes and landscape. Afterwards we will pass a summer settlement which families from the village Kangaamiut used as their summer settlements and hunting grounds until the 1920's. Each year they would travel from the coast to the highland in their kayaks and umiaqs (women's boats).

Today's hiking distance is around 14 km.

Day 4 - Iluliartooq - the iceberg lake

Glacier |Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq |Guide to Greenland

Today's hike will start with a river crossing, crossing over a small, roughly 1 meter deep river with slow running water. There will be a little inflatable dinghy available for transporting the luggage and participants, who are not up for crossing on foot, to the other side. From the huge plains we hike from the lowland up to iceberg lake Iluliartoq, placed in a beautiful valley. As we hike up, we truly see how the landscape and vegetation changes. At the lake it will be worth everything, as a reward you get and incredible view over the glacial lake and the Ice Cap!

We will camp two nights by the lake.

Today's hike is 15 km. with altogether 370 vertical meters.

Day 5 - Hike to the Ice Cap

Glacier up close |Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq |Guide to Greenland

As we will stay for another night, there is no packing the camp today - we pack light day-backpacks and leave the tents for a hike in the area... and it just happens that the huge Ice Cap is in the area, so that is where we will go! The route is hilly, but from the tops of the hills and small mountains you will see beautiful views.

It can be dangerous to go onto the Ice Cap, but luckily you are in the good hands of your guide. The guide will estimate if it will be safe to go for a short walk on the Ice Cap.

Today's hike is around 15 km.

Day 6 - Camp by the river

Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq

Today we will again pack the camp and hike on to new landscapes. We will go to an area called Kiinnarissut Avannarliit and Kiinnarissut Kujalliit (Northern and Southern Peregrine Falcons), where we also find one of the most characteristic mountains in the are.

As we come to the lowlands we will have to cross the Ammalortoq river. The landscape here is idyllic, with the river gently murmuring in the background. This is where we will find the prefect place to set our camp for the night, after another day of hiking 15 km.

Day 7 - Hiking the lowlands

Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq

After having breakfast and packing the camp, we will continue hiking on the plains of the lowland, along the meltwater river. After some time the landscape will start to lead us upwards again, we will continue up for a while, from where we again will get some amazing views to the mountains, Ice Cap and over the landscape.

Today's hiking distance is 12,5 km. and 400 vertical meters.

Day 8 - See it all from the mountain top

Happy hikers |Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq |Guide to Greenland

Today we will reach the highest point of the hike, which is a mountain top at 670 meters above sea level. Before we reach it we will have to hike across the barren plateau of Ammalortup Nunaa. From the top you will have an amazing view of the vast landscape. You will see the Ice Cap around 80 km. to the west, which really makes you realise how small you are in this big landscape. From the to we will go back down to find the perfect place for our last camp of the hike!

Hiking distance 9.5 km and 200 vertical meters.

Day 9 - Return to Kangerlussuaq

Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq

This morning we will pack up the camp for the last time, the backpacks will get lighter, as we have eaten most of the food that was brought, but many kilometers have also been hiked, since you last saw civilisation!

We will follow the shore of a lake for about 13 km, that leads us to Tasersuatsiaq lake, where the hike started from. Here we will get back on the dirt road, where a transfer to Kangerlussuaq is ready to pick us up and drive us to the hostel in town, where the last night will be spent.

At the hostel you can have a nice shower, rearrange your luggage and chat to all your fellow explorers about what you have experienced - and of course get a good nights sleep if you have flight back home tomorrow!

Day 10 - Explore Kangerlussuaq

Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq

Today is the last day of the tour. You have the morning to take a look around Kangerlussuaq town. If you are returning to your home country from here, you will have to be in the airport in time to get yourself and your luggage checked in. Transport will be arranged from the hostel to the airport.

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