Ice Fishing | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

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Join this authentic ice fishing tour where you'll learn the traditional Greenlandic methods of winter-fishing. You will be mastering the art of fishing, drilling through the thick ice and enjoy the pristine Arctic winter landscape of Kangerlussuaq!

Your tour starts from your selected pick-up point. You will be driven to the harbour, from where you will venture out on the thick sea ice. On the ice, there will be drilled holes for you to fish through.

The three most important ingredients for successful ice fishing are;  a nicely drilled hole, fishing gear and most of all, patience. While mastering the art of ice-fishing you can enjoy the fresh breeze and the ice underneath your feet. You might even be so lucky there might be some locals out on the ice as well, which could be a great opportunity for a chat.

While you are fishing the guide will prepare a hot beverage and share a good fishing story or two.

Try your luck with ice-fishing, an ancient Inuit tradition passed through generations, by selecting your preferred date and clicking on Book Now.



1 review for Ice Fishing | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

  1. MarkK

    The traditional ice fishing ‘lesson’ was taken actually in Kangerlussuaq, still with this Company, and Polar Lodge hotel. It was led by a very kind girl, and we had a lady and 2 kids also as a companion. The kids behaved really well, and we 3 had fun discussions. However we didn’t see fish, had a great time on the ice. The weather and the scenery was fantastic, as well our discussions and mood. It is a really unique experience in the harbor area and overall… I learnt about the place, the people, Greenland and the language also a lot. As well about the tech of the ice fishing, how to work with the equipment. We just used artificial baits, and shiny but empty hooks. Generally they work, but could have been considered to use real bait too.. Nevertheless, that may be a good idea for other visitors, to try that too, by that way.

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