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Go on an exploration adventure by boat to the abandoned settlement of Akulliit!

The settlement was founded in 1856, and was then abandoned in 1963, but the citizens of Qasigiannguit still hold the place dear in their hearts. In 2006 they even had a great party there to celebrate its 150th year anniversary even though it was abandoned long ago. The eerie atmosphere gives quite a thrill as you explore the old houses, and the guide can tell lots of ghost stories and myths to make it even more exciting to wander among the colourful former homes.

On the way to the settlement there are chances of spotting all kinds of sea mammals, especially seals, which Qasigiannguit is well known for. Its name actually means the small spotted seals!

There is plenty of tea and coffee to warm you up after your chilling experience of exploring this once, great settlement, so what are you waiting for? Go reserve your place by clicking on Book Now.


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