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June - September
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Explore and investigate this archaeological find of an old settlement of the Saqqaq culture! You will sail to a place called Qeqertasussuk where the ruins were discovered in 1983 and later an excavation took place in 1984. The ruins of this settlement are one of the oldest finds in Greenland.

The permafrost has done a great job of preserving these finds, and you can clearly see some of the tools and which ways of living were in play back then. The guide will tell you more about the find as well as the ways of the Saqqaq culture. If you're interested in archaeology or want more historical insight into the Inuit culture, then this is the tour for you!

On the way there you will sail amongst icebergs and in the waters of whales, so keep a lookout!

The old Saqqaq settlement is rarely visited by tourists, as it is a hidden local gem of Disko Bay. To uncover the old Saqqaq settlement reserve your boat charter by clicking on Book Now.


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