Barbecuing in Qoornoq | Nuuk | West Greenland

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Come along on this adventure to explore the abandoned settlement of Qoornoq! Bring your friends, family, and steaks to our lovely blue cabin in the settlement of Qoornoq!

We will sail past Sermitsiaq and venture into Nuuk Fjord. Enjoy the still water of the fjord and scout for the many sea creatures, playing hide and seek between the waves.

When arriving in Qoornoq, you and your co-explorers will settle into our charming blue cabin, that will be your base for the day. A charming little blue house, with facilities for barbecuing and preparing an evening feast with your home, brought steaks, sausages and whatever your heart desire.

What to do in Qoornoq

The Qoornoq peninsula offers endless possibilities for exploring. Qoornoq was last inhabited in the ’70s and the traces of the former inhabitants are still visible.

Today the locals of Nuuk resides the abandoned settlement during the summertime, so hit up a local for chitchat, attend a ceremony in the newly restored church or enjoy the peacefulness that dominates the Qoornoq peninsula. It is also possible to walk in the ancient footsteps of the Inuit and the Norse settlers, as their ruins are scattered across the peninsula.

After a day of exploring Qoornoq, lit up the grill in the garden of the little blue house. Put some steaks on the grill, and enjoy the mesmerizing view of blue and white nuanced icebergs drifting out from the Nuuk ice fjord.  

Bring your friends and family and pack a steak or two, for this sPectacular adventure! Select your preferred date and click ​Book Now​ to reserve your place.

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