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This adventure by boat takes you to the stunning waterfall of Sermitsiaq, the abandoned settlement Qoornoq and Bear Island.

Combining sailing and Nuuk fjord, always make for a great adventure. This is an adventure for you, who adore the arctic – from the peaky mountain tins to the savage and salty waters!

As soon as the boat leaves Nuuk, you realize how infinite the Greenlandic nature is.

The sailing trip lasts 5 hours with many opportunities for beautiful pictures of wilder, wonderful and vast Greenland.

From a far distance you will hear a boisterous sound, that will enchant you to explore what the mountainside of Sermitsiaq hides. When arriving at the source of the boisterous sound, you will be overwhelmed by the stunning waterfall, that steeply slides down. Let the water pebbles touch your cheeks and let yourself be amazed by this unique and rare sight.

Next stop of the day, will take you to the bird cliff on bear island. Do not be fooled by the name, as it is only wild birdlife that resides the island. Listen to the mesmerizing calls of the arctic birds, as you explore!

The final destination of the day, takes you to the abandoned settlement of Qoornoq.

Walking in the deserted settlement takes you back in the history of Greenland, to a time when people were almost self-sufficient from nature.

Although some of the houses today are renewed and used as summer cottages, one can easily sense how amazing the place was, when it was full of life in the 1900.

Behind Qoornoq you will find the original water supply, and the old railways from the former fishing factory. At that time, tons of dried fish were produced here, mostly by manpower.

The old beautiful church and its decor are certainly worth a visit. The same goes for the ancient churchyard, and you must remember that the place must be treated with great respect.

Pull on your warmest hat and bring your binoculars for this adventure! Check the booking availability by pressing ''Book Now'' above.


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