Introduction to Stand-up Paddleboarding (SUP) | Nuuk | West Greenland

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June - September
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Curious about trying stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) but not sure where to start? Or looking for a fun activity for friends, family, or colleagues to do together? We equip you with all the gear you need to paddle around the Old Colonial Harbour. You can use the 1,5 hour, as 'learning by doing' introduction to stand-up paddleboarding, or you can play around on the boards. Before heading out, we will teach you:

  • how your paddle should be adjusted
  • where to stand on the board
  • how to balance effectively and deal with small waves
  • how to move from a kneeling to a standing position and back again

And also how to get back on the board if you do happen to fall in. Don't be afraid of the cold water, as your drysuit will make sure you stay dry if the worst happens, and your life jacket will keep you afloat. In fact, many people jump in just for the fun of it at least once! Our experienced guide will also help you back onto the board if needed.


Join us after work, relax on the water, and learn SUP by selecting your preferred date and clicking Book Now.


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