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Come aboard, this fast travelling boat shuttle from Greenland's capital, Nuuk to Kapisillit. This boat shuttle is perfect for you who would like to experience Greenland, its nature and its culture. Kapisillit offers unique opportunities for exploring Greenlandic culture and the beauty of the Arctic nature.

Kapisillit is a small settlement, living off its surrounding nature - by fishing and hunting. The settlement has approximately 60 inhabitants and is surrounded by endless miles of Arctic tundra and unimaginable beauty.

With this boat shuttle, you will be transported to Kapisillit Friday, and return to Nuuk Sunday. Book a two-day stay at the local hostel, rent a cabin for a weekend or camp in the surrounding nature. This is the perfect opportunity if you would like to create your own Greenland holiday.

For cultural activities, visit a local family, join the cultural celebration – Kaffemik, attend a church ceremony or go on a self-guided settlement tour and chit chat with the locals. Visiting Kapisillit is a true insight into what Greenland is like, outside of the capital.

The surrounding nature offers a fjord of opportunities, for fishing and hiking. The area is known for its large lakes and river system, with breeding arctic char and salmon. Kapisillit means salmon and the settlement is named after its rich waters of salmon.  

There are tons of hiking opportunities. Only an hour or two by foot, you can visit the ice-filled fjord, Nuuk ice fjord. The fjord houses the Narsap Sermia Glacier, which produces endless icebergs, flowing into the fjord. The many icebergs create a picturesque landscape with icebergs as far as the eyes can see. The hike is quite easy and can almost be done by all ages. Please note that these tours are without a guide.

Departure is: 


Nuuk – Kapisillit 16.00

Kapisillit – Nuuk 18.30


Nuuk – Kapisillit 12.00

Kapisillit – Nuuk 14.30

Pack your camera and fishing equipment for this out-of-town settlement visit. Check the booking availability by pressing 'Choose a date' above. 


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